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Racism = mental health issues

I have often wondered how we as human beings are capable denying our fellow man, many of the same rights and privileges that we ourselves hold dear. How a gangster executes some ones son, but weeps and mourns for weeks over the death of someone close to their heart. This phenomenon is only possible when something has gone drastically wrong with an individuals thinking process. You see we are all born as peaceful gregarious fun loving individuals, only when our mental / emotional software contracts a virus do we begin to malfunction in this manner.

This theory as it applies to racism has long been on my radar as the culprit that must be investigated and dealt with when confronting a racist situation. The theory that racism and mental health issues are linked is not new, nor is it an off the wall conclusion. There is some scientific evidence that could bring one to this conclusion. Read an article posted in the Western Journal of Medicine that stated that when some racist patients were helped with their other serious mental dysfunctions, that their they also grew less paranoid and less prejudiced. ( Professor Alvin F Poussaint PMC1071634 / 11788524 2002 Jan; 176(1):4

The year is 2018, we are enlightened human beings, right? We are capable of judging our fellow man based on his or her character, intelligence, and kindness. If you are righteous in your actions, you are a good human, if you are evil in your actions you are operating as a bad human being. Skin color and racial categories are meaningless and never have been an accurate predictor of character, kindness or intelligence.

We are enlightened individuals, it is time to walk in that light!