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Once upon a time

There was once a time on planet earth when mankind existed without the curse of skin color based racial categories. Sure some people were known for the language that they spoke or for their geography,,,but everyone was of the same racial category HUMAN!!! This was a time before the evil desire to dominate, control, and enslave was a common practice. So man needed an excuse to pacify his conscience and account for why it was ok to impart evil upon another group of humans,,,,,,,,hmmmmm they said! Lets pick a characteristic(skin color) and lets define those people that look a little different than us as inferior, and therefore totally ok to kill, conquer, rape and enslave. 

The year is 2018,,,,are we not enlightened enough to finally end this barbaric practice of racism? To end racism we must first end race,,,,,,,,as we know it, as it has been defined in times past.