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Never Allow Others To Define You

  To allow someone else to define you is always, totally wrong. In American society it is done everyday, just turn on the television for one hour. You will see and hear people being defined as Black, White, Hispanic, etc, etc. These outside definitions are seldom accurate or complimentary. It is always an error to allow someone else define you, its a greater error to allow people who don’t know you define you, and its a fatal error to allow your enemy define you. So reject all of the traditional attempt to define you based on the color of your skin or your native language, you are not a color, a country or a language. We are all individual human beings with strengths and weaknesses, goals and ambitions, we all have our own expectations from life. So why should we allow others to throw us into a group of people that they have defined as Black or White or whatever!!!! 

You must have the courage to define yourself, only you have that privilege, only you, will get it right.